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    LT butterfly valve

    -Connection Standard:PN10/16, ANSI150, DIN16, JIS10K, 16K
    -Working Temperature:-25~200℃
    -Working Pressure:PN10~25, 150LB
    -Material: Ductile Iron、WCB、Stainless Steel、Duplex Steel
    -Medium:Water,Oil,Powder,Air,Flue gas desulfurization

    Ordering hotline:021-54150349

    Immediately consult
    • Product introduction
    • Product parameters

    Butterfly valve can be divided into A type and LT type in shape. LT type butterfly valve is also called single clip butterfly valve, also known as branch ear butterfly valve. Butterfly valve also known as flip valve, is a simple structure control valve, which mainly plays the role of cutting off and throttling in the pipeline. The opening and closing part of butterfly valve is a disc-shaped butterfly plate, which rotates around its own axis in the valve body to achieve the purpose of opening and closing or regulating.

    1. Top silk

    2. Body

    3. Seat

    4. Disc

    5. Stem

    6. Long bushing

    7Short bushing

    8.  O-ring

    9.  Thrust