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    Manual Welding Ball Valve

    -Connection standard:PN10/16, ANSI150, DIN16, JIS10K, 16K
    -Working temperature:-15~220℃
    -Working pressure:PN10~PN100
    -Body:WCB、SS304、SS316、color plating carbon steel
    -Ball:WCB、SS304、SS316、color plating carbon steel
    -Medium:Water,Steam,Oil and etc

    Ordering hotline:021-54150349

    Immediately consult
    • Product introduction
    • Product parameters

    The connection of the welding ball valve is weld in whole,There will be no external leakage, the valve body is lighter and easy to heat preservation. The length of valve body and the height of valve stem can be adjusted according to the requirements of pipeline construction and design.

    4. Body
    5. Ball
    6. Seat
    7. Spring gasket
    9. Anti-static device
    10. Stem
    11. Thrust washer
    12. O-ring
    13. Packing
    14. Packing gland